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Disaster Recovery

Continue business operations in the event of a disaster

How long could you stay in business in the wake of lost data and system downtime? What would you and your staff do if you lost all of your critical files? We live in a data-dependent world, and the importance of having a data backup strategy and being able to keep working during, and after a disaster is at an all-time high.

Zero One’s disaster recovery solutions protect all your crucial data, applications, and infrastructure from downtime so your business can keep on running with little-to-no disruption. Our cloud-based backup provides quick and reliable data restoration, in a few minutes, as opposed to hours or even days with other backup methods.

Don’t let disasters be the downfall of your business. Protect all your hard work with a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

Our premium-level backup and disaster recovery solutions offer:

  • Highly secure, fully-compliant off-site data center
  • 24/7 backup monitoring and automatic repair of damaged or corrupted data
  • Incremental backup that allows for the restoration of multiple file versions
  • Data encryption that guarantees maximum security and privacy